Teeth Cleaning


With the advances in dental technology over the years, teeth cleaning not only makes your teeth and mouth feel good, the process helps in so many other ways.

The Eight Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning, either every few, six, or 12 months has the following benefits:

  1. It helps detect any dental concerns early so a treatment plan can be started immediately
  2. Enhances your teeth and smile with a bright new look and a good, clean feeling
  3. Halts bone loss which can lead to unstable teeth that might fall out or need to be extracted
  4. Eliminates discoloration caused by certain beverages
  5. Aids in cavity prevention
  6. Freshens breath
  7. Saves money, not only because many insurances pay for at least an annual cleaning, but early identification of issues helps to avoid potential costly problems down the road
  8. Improves your dental health and with that, also your overall well-being

Understanding the State of your Mouth

Your Fort Myers dentist or hygienist at Fiddlesticks, will use a periodontal probe to examine the state of the bones and gums around each tooth. The result is called a pocket, the lower the number the better. For example if you have 4 mm to 5 mm pockets, you might need a deep cleaning.

The Teeth Cleaning Process

Plaque, tartar, and bacteria constantly attach to your teeth from your saliva and what you eat and drink each day. Home brushing and flossing cannot remove it all. And if not periodically removed, those substances can cause disease, tooth loss, and pain.

The dentist or hygienist uses special hand and powered tools, along with suction to thoroughly clean the gums and tooth surfaces. In general, the process take 30 to 60 minutes. If you need a deep cleaning because, it may take a little longer.

Contact Fiddlesticks Dental Care in Fort Myers. Teeth cleaning enhances the quality of life!

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