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Tooth Colored fillings: These are called Composite resin fillings.These fillings match the tooth color and bond to the it micromechanically and tend to have less leakage problems over the years as compared to silver mercury fillings. Though composite fillings are durable and last a long time they may have to replaced someday.

SAME DAY CROWNS: Cerec is a CAD CAM system in which you scan the tooth and we do not have to use impression material as is done usually. The crown is made the same day that way patient saves time. They also do not have to deal with temporary crowns and wait for 2 weeks before the final crown comes back from the lab. Learn more about Fort Myers Same Day Crowns

Onlays: This is a restoration made of resin, gold or porcelain. It can be an ideal replacement for crowns in some situations as less tooth structure is removed for preparing the tooth for it. The procedure for an onlay requires 2 visits about 2 weeks apart. At the first visit the tooth is numbed and prepared for the onlay. Impressions are then made and sent to the lab to have the onlay fabricated. In the meantime you are fitted with a temporary restoration to protect the tooth and maintain the space for the final restoration.

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